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red harris
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how is a stihl weedeater wired? i get continuity with the run ,stop switch in either position.
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red harris
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how does a single wire,self grounding switch work as a run/stop switch on a weedeater?
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Magneto type ignitions produce a spark with every revolution
of the flywheel, and will run until the fuel runs out, or the
ignition is grounded out, so the kill switch does that.
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Moderators Request

Hello: Red Harris

I have merged both your questions into one single question.

Please use the Reply button to add additional questions or information pertaining to this machine.

In doing so, all additional questions and information remains within this thread.

Doing so makes it much easier for both the moderators and members posting replies or reading the question to follow along and learn from the information exchanged.

Your consideration in this matter will be much appreciated.

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Hello red!

With the wire disconnected from the coil, at the coil end, you should have continuity to ground when the switch is "off". You should show no continuity when the switch is "on".

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