lawnmower problem


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lawnmower problem

Hello all, I just bought a new lawnmower and after I had mulched the lawn I wanted to clean out the debris from underneath the mower,the manual suggested turning the mower on its left side ,so i did so but when I returned the mower upwright to try and start it again the primer was full of fuel and it would not start,assuming it was flooded. Is there any correct position to clean the mower or should I raise it to get under it? Thanks.
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I assume the discharge chute is on the right?
Also, is the gas tank cap on the right side, meaning if the mower is turned up on the left, it won't run out the holes in the cap?
My best recomendation if you cant turn the machine up on its right side (chute flipped up/removed, and tank empty), just run it out of gas and do it to the left like the book says. (perhaps the book also says not to do this with gasoline in the tank, also for safety???)
What type of engine?
Is there a gas-shut-off? Most newer machines don't have it.

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What I try to do is keep the spark plug straight up when I need to work on an engine that is other than level. If this isn't possible the second choice is to keep the muffler as high as possible. I don't worry as much about gas getting were it doesn't belong as I do filling the PVC/valves/cylinder with oil. Beyond hard starting and smoking a cylinder full of oil will bend an aluminum rod in a heartbeat....Mike
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Thanks for the reply, it discharges from the rear so it is possible for it to be turned on its right side. The gas tank is on the right side but there are no holes in the cap,also there is no gas shut off valve. The engine is a 4 cycle briggs and stratton with OHV . It sounds like it would be best for me to let the gas run out and clean it on its left side(will there still be any residual gas in the system?),I would like to clean it after every use so this way would be a time consuming Thanksalternative.

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