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Sears briggs riding lawnmower..pump or carb???

Need help, have a sears riding Briggs lawnmower, 20.5 hp. Just had carb. cleaned and new starter gear put on. Also, drained gas to make sure clean.
Now will only run with the choke open, and stalls every now and then, noticed that the fuel filter only has about a fourth of gas in it.
Can this be the fuel pump, or is it the carb?
If it is the fuel pump, would you know where it is located and how to change it? Grass high, really need help?? Thanks!!
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Hello Michael!

Do you mean it only runs with the choke closed? (choke pulled out or engaged). If so, your carb is not cleaned well enough. This will also cause the engine to die, especially when you engage the blades.
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Hello: Michael

Chances are the fuel flow from the fuel tank is restricted, assuming the carb is cleaned and set correctly. Check the fuel filter. May look fine but be old and clogged. Replace if needed.

Check the fuel flow from the tank. Remove the fuel line from the carb and allow the fuel to flow out. Fuel should flow freely and continuously. Test flow rate for at least one minute.

There may be a fuel flow restriction caused by a shut off valve or another filter inside the tank. The fuel tanks gas cap may have a restricted vent. Test fuel flow without the cap on if the flow does not flow continuously, fully or stops with it on the tank.

If the fuel tank is mounted on the engine and above the engine, there will not be a fuel pump. The fuel is a gravity flow system.

There are other possibilities which may need to be explored if the information provided thus far in any of the replies does not correct the problem.

Check back on your topic several times over the next several days for additional replies.

Read other questions on engine running problems etc and the replies offered on this same type of problem topic iwithin this forum for additional help & information on this subject.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button. Using the reply button moves the topic back up to the top of the daily topic list automatically.

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Thanks, will check out what ya'll suggest. Will post afterwards, thanks again!
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You will need to crank the engine to get the fuel to flow on this one, as the fuel tank is mounted lower than the carb on all opposed twin engine mowers that I know of...(not gravity fed). Check the mentioned things, but these twin briggs carbs are notorious for main jet blockages, and what you described sounds just like that. If you have water in the fuel system, it will get in the carb and cause this, then when you clean the carb, it will run well until more water pumps up from the tank, and you have to do the carb again, etc... If you find it to be getting water in it, drain and flush the tank, lines, pump, and replace the filter.

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