Engine won't start with key


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Question Engine won't start with key

I have a southern states riding lawn mower with an electronic ignition. I cannot get the engine to turn over. I have replaced the solenoid switch, and it still does not work. I can get the engine started by bypassing the solenoid switch, and jumpstarting the engine, but this gets to be a pain everytime. How do I check the starter switch? How do I know if there is any connection from the key switch to the solenoid. Any help would be appreciated.
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To check the switch, you have to remove the plug from the back of the switch, then remove the nut holding the switch to the console. Assuming you have a briggs and stratton engine, you could have 4, 5,or 6 terminals on the back of the switch.

Here is a link that might clearify any questions you have regarding the switch:http://www.tulsaenginewarehouse.com/.../allwiring.pdf

The diagrams of the different types of switches start at page seven. If you look at the labels that the different switches have, one will be marked "battery terminal", this is the one that comes from the side of the solenoid that has the cable coming from the positive side of the battery. Then there will be a second terminal marked "solenoid tab terminal", this is the wire that completes the circuit and sends power to the solenoid to actuate the internal plunger which closes the curcuit to the starter and starts the engine. The two terminals on the switch that these wires connect to is where you want to check. You will have to use an ohm meter and check between these two terminals on the switch. Keep in mind that to check these two terminals properly, you need to hold the switch in the starting position. If you get a resistance reading, then it is good, if you get nothing, then it is faulty. If the switch turns out to be good, then the problem lies in the wiring/connections. If it is the wires, there might be insulations wore off, and if it's the connections, then you would need to clean/ tighten them. But the switches to have a history of going bad, so this is probably your problem. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
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Also, the solenoid terminal goes from the switch to safety switches before going to the solenoid. If one of these switches is bad or not being engaged, it will cause this. The blade switch, clutch pedal switch, and sometimes seat switch are tied to this wire. Another thing, check your fuse. Should be located on the small red wire coming from the hot terminal of the solenoid.

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