Snowthrower blades don't spin


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Question Snowthrower blades don't spin

Hi all,

I just bought a used Sears Craftsman snowthrower model 536.886120 at a yard sale for $25. The engine starts up fine and the forward and reverse seems to work great. However, the problem is that the blades don't spin. Does anyone have any suggestions for a novice do-it-yourselfer?

After shovelling my driveway dozens of times this past winter in NY, I'm hoping to throw my shovel away now that I finally have a snow thrower. Did I throw away the $25 instead?

Thanks for any help/guidance.
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Check the auger drive belt. You can find diagrams here:
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Thanks firepaw. I checked the belt and it looks pretty worn and loose. When the auger drive handle is pressed, a pulley is engaged on the auger drive belt but the belt remains loose. Should I try replacing the belt?

Also, this is probably a dumb question but a label on the engine says to use 5W30 oil below 32 degrees, which is when I'll most likely be using the snowthrower. Is there any problem running the engine when it's above 32 degrees with 5W30?
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Considering someone just GAVE me the 1979 version of the same unit you have, you got ripped. LOL. Just kidding.

Actually, you scored. That is a 1993 or so era machine and costs about 700 bucks from Sears today. Murray made that unit for Sears. Anything with "536" in the prefix of the model # is a Murray made product.

If you want the owner's manual, just look up the part # at the Sears website Firepaw gave you and if you call Murray 1-800-251-8007 and talk to technical services, they will probably mail you one.

I got the one for the '79 and the '65 Craftsmans (I like 'em old) from them at no charge just by asking. I paid $180 for my 65 which is a 6HP/26" and built like a tank.

I agree, the belts should be changed. The manual has the procedure. You can look up the part # for the belts on Sears site and then call a guy named Dan Reilly at Gates Rubber Company in the tech dept. Give them the part # of the belt, he will give you a Gates #.

In turn, you can go to any auto parts store stocking Gates product and get a replacement belt for half what Sears and OEM get

If you want to see the progress of my 1979 project see "Joe's New Find"

For oil: My 65 says use "10W", so I use 10W30. The 1979 says use 5W but 10W is acceptable. I use 10W30 in both.

You can also call Tecumseh who made the engine for Sears, give them the # and ask to speak to Techincal Services there. They are very nice and helpful, especially if you get a guy named Tom there.

As you can tell, I've researched these things to death .

Good luck, hope this helped.
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When you replace the belt make sure you get a belt that is specifically for that machine. Someone could have put in the wrong belt and you would be duplicating a previous error if you use the current belt.
Also, double check that there isn't a loose idler wheel or something out of adjustment.
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I agree...get the belt that is made for that model unit. I think you'll be fine running 5w30 all the time, as long as it is cold weather. If you are going to be running it for some reason in the summer, then maybe go up to 10w30 or straight 30. If it concerns you, it is fine to run 10w30 in it even in the cold winter.
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Turns out my neighbor has that EXACT unit as he gave me the owner's manual for it and wants me to service it for him.

It's from 1995 or so as the manual is dated 8/16/94. It does have the belt R&R procedure in there, so I suggest you call up Murray and ask them to send it to you .
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Thanks again everyone for your responses. I called Murray but they don't have my model number in their database so they told me to call Sears. I'll try them next.
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Of course they don't .

Go to the Sears website, get the part # for the owner's manual ( then "parts") and call them back with that publication/part #.

Now I'll bet you're cooking with gas. .
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