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Blade Removal

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05-18-03, 03:27 PM   #1  
Lawn Mower - Cutting Blade Bolt is jammed

I have old gas awn mower for which I want to remove the old cutting blade. It seems this blade is really old. I tried removing with wrench but no luck. There are three bolts and none of them are turning at all. any suggestions?


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05-18-03, 09:17 PM   #2  

Sounds like you have a MTD mower. First, concentrate on the center bolt. If you can get this out, the rest may come off the shaft, and you can replace it all. Try using a long pull handle and a good 6-point socket. If the bolt is rounded off, you might be able to use a 15/32" socket if it was a 1/2" head, or a 14mm or 17/32" socket if it was a 9/16" head.

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05-22-03, 11:40 PM   #3  
Rusted nuts & bolts are a common problem. From WD-40 to heat to impact drivers, the answer only comes when it lets go or is destroyed. (snaps or rounds off) If there is fuel in the tank, avoid heat from a propane torch or oxyacetylene due to obvious safety reasons. This does loosen rusted or otherwise locked fasteners by changing the tolerences between metal surfaces. Penetrants such as WD-40 also are succsessful, but require patience and sometimes a good whack with a hammer to get them to flow deeper. Waiting and re-soaking the problem also helps. Impact drivers add torque and impact force to the screw head increasing the force applied to the problem. Be careful due to the possibility of slippage or shrapnel. Last but not least, hope it is being loosened in the correct direction of rotation.

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08-25-08, 07:37 PM   #4  
I bought a 2nd hand MTD mower (21" deck with 6HP Quantum engine). After using for almost one summer, I found out the blade was installed upside down (i.e. dull edge cutting). I want to remove the center bolt, but don't know the bolt is left or right hand thread.

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08-25-08, 07:45 PM   #5  
The bolt is right hand thread, so it will unscrew counter clockwise as you are looking at it.

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08-25-08, 08:51 PM   #6  
Thank you very much for your quick reply. I will try to remove the bolt tomorrow.

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08-26-08, 09:13 AM   #7  
I was able to remove the center bolt albeit very tight using 5/8" socket. Now with the blade installed correctly, it cut a lot better. The person who installed the blade didn't look at the direction of rotation and therefore installed it wrong way. He only used it for one summer.

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