Mower Tire Question


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any quick fix?

so...can anyone give me a quick fix on this as to not wreck the plastic rim....can anyone guess how it happened???

<img src=>
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Hot / cold treatment

Have you considered putting the tire in very hot water and the wheel in cold water? The old expand / shrink approach and then see if they can be squeezed back together.
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Put the tire in the microwave (if the boss will let you...LOL) and just put it back on.....Mike
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I agree...that ought to do it.

You might want to put a bead of silicone gasket or some sort of rubber glue around the rim before slipping the tire back on, to hold it better.
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I'm going to sound silly by saying this, but how much is a new wheel?

Looks like a Murray you have there and I cannot see a wheel being that much .

May be more cost effective .
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Its actually an old Homelite...about 15? years old...I did just replace the wheel so I could finish I do have others around...

The blade actually hit a dog bone and threw it out underneath that side for some reason and blew the tire off....glad there was noone on that side....
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Must be one BIIIIG bone or, errr, woofer that owns it .
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Lets see, whats that they say about not seeing the forest for the trees? The question was how to fix it and my one track mind set about that. It takes an objective pro parts guy to go straight to the perfect fix which in this case is a new wheel.....Mike

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