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I'm wondering if the chain that goes to the centrifugal clutch on an engine will match up to a plain bycicle sprocket.
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Maybe, maybe not. There are several different chain sizes on those clutches. Check it and see.
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Specifications in machine parts are measured in fractions of fractions of units of measure. By sight many things seem to appear to fit, but when actually fitted, they are only "close". Chains and sprockets in machinery come in a LARGE variety of sizes and applications based on their use and expected service life. Bicycle chains are designed for a typical tolerance in stress from a typical load. Motor chains also, but under different load conditions. Matching odd parts in machinery is not easy nor wise if failure results in injury. Boy Scouts and Davy Crockett all say, "Be sure, then expect failure."
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Common sprocket sizes for clutches are #35 and #40/41. I tried a 1/2 inch bike chain on both and its a no go. Comet would be the company to start with for what you need....Mike
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ok i'm looking at the centrifugal clutch that has a chain drive from the website.

im not sure which one matches up to a bycicle sproket or if any of them do.

pleeze help
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You're going to have to measure the sprocket dimensions with a dial or digital caliper to get any results. The distance between the tips of the teeth in thousandths of an inch, the number of teeth on the sprocket, the overall diameter of the sprocket, the width (thickness), then match those measurements with the specifications for the chain. The chain rollers have to fit exactly in the spaces between the teeth of the sprocket, and the sprocket teeth have to fit exactly between the rollers. All these within the tolerances specified for roller chains under load, probably around 0.003 in. Good luck. Do a search for machine parts, roller chains, sprockets, mini bikes, gas powered bicycles, motorbike parts, etc. Do the homework and get the results. GOOD LUCK!

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