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Generac 3500XL starts/won't run.....

Generator wouldn't start.....
I didn't get all the fuel out of carb after last use, and it's been a few months. Took the carb apart, cleaned, reassembled, and it will start (with starter fluid), but won't run. Checked the fuel line , (new gas) and it seems to be getting a good flow from the tank. I'm assuming that it wouldn't start at all if the plug was bad. Anything else I can try???? thanks...H.P.

Generac Model 09441-4, Serial #1457923, 3500 watts, engine is Gn190, 6.5 h.p. (Generac is owned by B&S)

Followup: I just checked the flow with the bowl cover removed, and no gas is coming into the bowl at all. Looks like there is a blockage beween where the hose fits the carb, and the bowl.

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Are sure sure you turned the needle valve screw so it lightly bottoms out, then 1 1/2 turns back out.
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Hello secsrc!

If no fuel is entering the bowl, you have either a stuck float, or a collapsed/plugged fuel line, or the fuel shutoff valve (if equipped) is turned off, or the fuel pump is not pumping (if equipped). Try taking the line off the carb and check for flow there.
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The shutoff valve is open and I'm getting fuel down to the carb o.k.......float seems to be ok (not heavy)...I'm not sure how the fuel flows thru the carb down to the bowl. regards...H.P.

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