Lawn Mower Won't Start


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Lawn Mower Won't Start

My Craftsman II lawn mower won't start. I prime the motor, pull the Starter (rope), and it just sputters and stops. I was told that it could have water in the gas. I emptied the tank and opened and cleaned out the fuel reservoir (under the primer button - not really sure what it's called). Then put the thing back together again and the problem remained. I got this thing second hand (traded a trolling motor for it), so I don't have an owner's manual. Any help would be appreciated.
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Lightbulb Test 4 Spark & Prime Carb


Prime the engine with a few drops of fuel in the spark plug hole and see if the engine runs briefly.

If it does, no fuel getting into the engine. If it fails to attempt to run, test for spark. May be a bad spark plug. Carb may be plugged up with gum and vanish from stale fuel.

Fuel left in the float bowls of carbs turns to vanish and gums up the fuel passages inside the carb. The same conditions occur in diaphram carbs.

Once the condition occurs in a carb, about the only successful correction is to disassemble the carb and clean it out. All fuel passages and fuel ports must be cleaned and cleared as well as the fuel bowl.

Diaphram carbs usually require a new diaphram. Successful carb cleaning for all types of carbs oftens requires replacement of the needle and seat as well.

Stale fuel left in fuel storage cans will turn stale and if used will also gum up carbs. The trick for 2 cycle fuels is never to pre mix more fuel then can be used in a month or store regular fuel for more then a month.

Read the already asked questions posted within this forum for additional information pertaining to engines that do not run well and or carb problems, etc.

Other resident small engine service and repair professionals, may offer alternate suggestions, advice, opinions, test and repair procedures and methods.

Check back several times for additional replies.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information, etc. Using this method automatically moves your question back up to the top of the daily list.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator.
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check that air filter

I had the samre problem today my air filter was plugged big time replaced it and one pull it started.The bad part is that on that one pull the rope broke.
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Hello Paul!

Remove the bolt that holds the bowl on, (the reservoir you described). There are 3 tiny holes in the sides of that bolt. 2 are near the bottom or head of the bolt, and one is near the top or end of the bolt in an unthreaded section. This one can be hard to see if it is clogged. There is also a hole down the center of the bolt. Run a piece of wire through each of these holes to make sure they are cleared out. This should solve the problem.
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Thanks for the replies. I tried putting gas in the spark plug hole; the problem remained. I'll try cleaning the holes in the bolt (I didn't know they existed). Will let you know tomorrow if it fixed the problem. Thanks again.
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That did it Cheese. Thanks a lot!!! I cleaned the holes in that bolt and it fixed the problem. I had just about given up on fixing it and was about to take it to a professional. Thanks for saving me money that I didn't have to spend!
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Good job!

Glad we were able to help!

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