Engine Dies Under Load

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Engine Dies Under Load

I have a 5hp B&S on a power washer that runs perfect from idle to full throttle in a no load condition. When the engine is still cold, it will handle the load but labors a bit. Once the engine has warmed up and I start spraying, the engine slowly dies. It is a bit hard to restart after this, but once started runs great from idle to full throttle untill I put a load on it.

I first thought it was carb. problems. I replaced the carb with a new one from B&S. No change. Anyone got any ideas?
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Hello: grobin54

There could be any number of possibilities why the engine looses power, stalls and dies. To begin checking for the reason, lets start with the simple and easiest possible correctable problems.

Check for fuel flow from the fuel tank to the carb. Remove the fuel hose from the carb and verify if fuel flows freely and continuously.

There could be a restricted fuel flow due to a filter in the tank or an inline one in the hose line. The fuel tanks vent cap may also be restricted or totally plugged.

In this case fuel will flow freely for a short time then begin to slow down or stop totally. Clearing the vent hole will resolve that problem.

Always possible the spark plug could be the culprit. Install a new plug and determine what happens. They should not be wet or fouled with carbon or soot.

Another possible problem could be a restricted exhaust system and or muffler. Check the air filter. Clean or replace if needed.

When the engine dies or stalls, check for spark at the plugs. Always possible the ignition system may be over heating and or grounding out.

Also check for constant electrical continuity through all switches and safety devices. The ignition switch may be faulty as could any other electrical connection. Check all wire terminals for rust, corrosion and looseness.

Sporadic problems which involve electrical parts often take time, patients, knowledge and experience to locate or isolate the problem. One of many reasons engine service technicians can charge customers dearly and customers are willing to pay dearly...

Most likely I have not covered all of the potential problems. The other resident small engine service and repair professionals may offer additional suggestions, advice & help. Check back several times for additional replies.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any and all additional information, etc. By doing so, the additional information you add will remain within this posting. Using this method also moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Host & Moderator
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Hello Grobin54!

Tom has some good advice for you!

Check those things, and if you still come up with no answer, check your valve clearances. The symptoms you describe are classic of valves that are too tight.

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