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Garden Rotio Tiller

Have a garden roto tiller, 5 hp...brigs & straten engine. Having problems getting it started. It has compression, but no crank. I pull the chord and it just won't start. Have tried changing spark plug, no luck...can you advise other ideas that might prevent it from cranking or I can check...or replace a part that would allow it to crank...it has oil...everything is connected...look foward to your response, tyvm
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Not sure I understand the problem. Does the flywheel spin when you pull the starter cord? If not, the starter may be stripped.

If it turns but doesn't fire, it could have a fuel or spark problem. Try putting a little gas in the cylinder. If it runs now and cuts out in a few seconds, you have a fuel/carburetor problem.
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Hello: Sailor1

The possible causes can be many. Joe offered you a good starting place to start locating any type of starting problems.

The first thing that needs to be verified is if the engine is getting spark ignition. Remove the spark plug and add a few drops of fuel into the engine at the spark plug hole. Replace the plug and close the choke. Attempt to start the engine.

If there is spark, then the next most likely problem may be fuel flow to the carb. If there is fuel going to the carb, the carb may be gummed up. If that is the case, the carb will have to be disassembled, cleaned out and a new carb kit parts installed.

If the isn't any spark at the spark plug, check for an electrical grounding at the kill or turn off switch. If there is a grounding of the circuit, the engine will not start. the problem here would have to be corrected.

If the engine attempts to start or actually does start, even if it dies quickly, then it can be determined that fuel is not getting into the engine.

In this case, remove the fuel hose from the carb and allow some fuel to flow out into a container. The fuel should flow out of the hose freely. If not, check for a fuel restriction in the fuel supply system.

If fuel does flow out freely and continuously, the carb is most likely filled with stale fuel which has gummed up the fuel ports. In this case the entire carb must be removed, cleaned out and reassembled with a new carb rebuilding kit.

When an engine simply fails to start, the cause is most likely no spark at the spark plug. There could be any number of reasons why there would be no spark.

Most likely the spark plug is defective or fouled. The easiest fix is to replace the plug with a new one and retry starting the engine.
If changing the plug fails to provide any spark and the engine still won't

start, check for a grounded on/off switch or lever. Usually these parts are located on the engine and operated by the throttle speed control lever secured on the handle.

If there is spark to the plug, there may not be any fuel getting into the carb or the carb is gummed up. If this happens to be the case, remove the spark

plug, add a few drops of fuel into the spark plug hole and reinstall the spark plug. Attempt to start the engine.

If the engine starts briefly and dies, the carb is gummed up or it's not getting fuel. Check the fuel lines, fuel filter and fuel flow rate by removing the fuel hose at the carb.

The rest of the information pertaining to your topic is contained within other postings on this same subject.

The main idea here is to first determine what is the non starting problem. It may simply be a loose wire, grounded wire or a fuel flow into the carb problem.

Read the other topic postings and replies offered on this topic of engines that fail to start within this forum for additional help & information on this topic.

The rest of the information pertaining to your topic is contained within other postings on this same subject. Read the other postings and replies offered for additional help & information on this subject of engine starting problems.

Kindly use the REPLY button and supply additional specific information on what you find and the professionals within the forum will help you further.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Host & Moderator
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