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briggs and stratton timing

trying to fix my neighbor's 8 hp briggs, it won't start, its got spark, cleaned carb, checked for stuck valves and both okay, seems like timing may be off because it backfires through the carb when trying to start it with the air cleaner off, how does one time this thing please?
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thanks for the information, all looks like good stuff !!
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Hello alame!

The timing is affected by the flywheel key. If it is sheared, it will cause problems like you described. Also if the carb is flooding, it may cause these symptoms. Let us know what you find!
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I'm going to check the flywheel today and it seems to be getting lots of gas almost to the point of too much so I took the tank off and let the carb dry out overnight, going to spray fuel in by hand and see what happens, apparently the carb was done once before and it ran okay for awhile then just got more difficult to start as time went on to where it just spins fast and won't start now, I'm thinking it's not the flywheel but will check it anyway, will let you all know what I find............
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flywheel checks out okay, did all the other electrical possibilties that were mentioned here, only thing left to do is rebuild the carb after soaking it in cleaner overnight and see what happens......
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Just a suggestion that might apply. Take another look at the flywheel. See if the magnet on the flywheel has any rust. Also look at the coil magnet, see if it has any rust on it. If so use a fine grade of sandpaper, or emery cloth, and clean the surface. This will help you get more juice and quicker starts.
This year when I took my Toro out of storage I had the same problems that you describe. I took down and cleaned the carb. and the whole fuel system and did the key checks to no avail. I then looked at the magnet and coil and they had a slight bit of rust( discoloration) to them. Hit with the sandpaper and it now starts on one pull!!! Could have saved myself a lot of time, pulls and anguish if I had thought to look there first!
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the flywheel does have a lot of rust on it but I thought because it has fairly good spark it would start, I 'm going to clean all that rust off, makes sense to me, thanks

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