Tiller Carb Problem


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tecumseh 6 horse side shaft

I have a 6 horse tecumseh on a sears tiller. It was running fine except for the carb surging until I ran out of gas. I let it set for a day and when I filled it with gas, I pushed the primer bulb one time and the gas started running out of the carb. I have tried everything, including taking the carb apart and cleaning it resetting the float, etc. It all seems to work fine but when I hook it back to a fuel source, as soon as the containment bulb fills it starts running out the mouth of the carb again. Is it possible that something stuck open when i pushed the primer bulb? Oh, by the way, if I leave the sediment bulb off and hook it to the fuel line, the float opens and shuts off the fuel just fine.
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Leaking/Flooding Carb

If float is OK, and no fuel inside, then replace the
inlet needle and seat, part# 631021A. The neoprene
seat will deteriorate over time, and will not seal as it
should. Fuel just constantly flows through the float
bowl when this occurs. Should be...a simple solution.

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Tcumcman: Thank you for your help. Before replacing the needle and seat I performed an experiment, mainly because of the amount of gas flowing through the carb and the fact that this happened after running the engine out of gas which may have put some foreign matter in the carb. I removed the carb and throughly cleaned all parts. The only part I found to be in any way bad(to the eye) was that a rubber(?) washer in the bolt that holds the sediment bulb on was severly deteroiated to the point I had to dig it out. I then put the carb, reassembled,minus the sediment bulb in a bowl of gas and hooked it to a fuel source. It worked fine. The bowl didn't fill any futher and the source didn't deplete to any noticable extent, which leads me to believe that the problem may be the rubber washer that was eaten up. Is this possible? The fact that the needle valve seemed to work fine leads me to think that something pass that point must be allowing the fuel to leave the sediment bulb?, and thereby keeping the needle open and allowing fuel to flow almost continually. there doesn't seem to be anything wrong but this rubber washer that is now gone completely. will this allow gas to leave the bowl? your expertise will be greatly appreciated. Oh, by the way the float seems to be in good condition.
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Usually if you've got that far to take it apart, it's best to rebuild it completely and freshen it up. Most rebuild kits (be they Tec or aftermarket) are fairly complete minus the carburetor float. The carb float is readily available just about anywhere.
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I agree..replace the seat, or problems will probably continue, though it may be intermittent. Replace the bowl gasket too, but that won't make it leak. The bowl nut gasket could allow seepage, but not out of the carb throat.
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Carb leaking

The O-ring in the main adjustment screw holding the
float bowl on has NOTHING TO DO with the bowl filling
up with fuel and continuing to flow out. As Cheese
suggests, you NEED to replace the inlet needle and
seat (631021A) to solve this problem. The complete
carb kit will INCLUDE ALL the gaskets, O-rings, needle
and seat, and that main adjustment screw you need.
Get one and install it.


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