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Tecumseh Mower - Rip Chord

I have a tecumseh mower and the cord came out. I have pulled the 'crank' off the top but cannot get the 'spool' out. I have done it before because this is not the first time the chord has come out. And fwiw - the cord broke this time - my first fixit job worked just fine thank you very much!

Anyway - if anyone can tell how to get the spool out so I can fix my mower I"d appreciate the help!
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Frapster :

I've moved your post over to where the experts are.

I have done what you are asking about but I'm afraid I can't really give you the cussin' part on these forums.
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that's funny - thanks!
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Rewind Repair/Replacement


If your starter pulley is held in place by a metal rollpin,
you'd be better off REPLACING the starter. Tecumseh
makes an inexpensive, universal replacement, part #
590737, that's around $24. It would be an EASY WAY
to go and get you mowing again, soon. If rope is ALL
you need, and pulley's not damaged/warped in any
way...then you can certainly just add rope after winding
spring, and rope will recoil/rewind into pulley, and you're
ready to go again.

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Correct...you don't remove the spool to replace the rope. Just wind the spool up until it stops, then back off until the rope holes in the spool and housing line up, and thread the cord into it and tie off the end. Then let it wind up the cord, leaving enough out to tie the handle to.
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where to buy?

Where can I order a replacement part? It's not 'winding' when I turn it - it will act like it's generating tension and then it will suddenly 'give' or 'pop' into place. I think the spring has sprung so to speak.

I'll keep looking for a place to order a part but if you can recommend a place that would be great.
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Rewind Replacement


ANY local Tecumseh Dealer SHOULD HAVE the 590737
rewind IN STOCK. If not.....there's a MULTITUDE of
places on the web that will have and will sell to you.
For the NEAREST Dealer to you...Dial 1-800-558-5402
and follow instructions.


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