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ryobi gas trimmer fuel primer problem

Hello, I have a Ryobi 780r gas trimmer. It has given me long and faithful service. But now the fuel line to the primer bulb finally went kerputtski. Fortunately my local Lowes carried a replacement kit for the Ryobi. What the kit didn't tell me was how to get it back together with the new lines and bulb in place. When I disconnected the line from the bottom of the fuel tank I found that Ryobi uses a nipple inserted through the tank and the hose comes up over the nipple from the outside. Then a beveled washer comes up behind/over the hose now streched over the nipple to hold it all in place. Maybe. I cannot figure out how to get the hose to go completely over the nipple up to the tank bottom while holding the insert in place from the inside of the fuel tank. Then how do I force the washer over the top of the hose with the nipple now inside? I am looking for some helpful suggestions. Thanks
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Hello epperj!

Push the fuel line into the tank through the hole from the outside. Push it in far enough to get it to come out the filler neck. Then put the nipple on the end coming out of the neck. Then pull the line back from the other end until the nipple goes all the way to the bottom of the tank, then pull the line just enough to get the end of the nipple to come through. Then slide the washer lock over the line from the outside of the tank and snap it over the nipple, clamping the line and nipple in place.

Hope that is clear enough....let us know how it goes!
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Since it has the insert, this may not apply, but if the hose is hard to get started in the tank, you may try cutting the hose at a sharp angle. The pointed end might make it easier to get the line started through the small hole in the tank. Then just cut the slanted part off square when you have it pulled through the filler neck.

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