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Problems with Craftsman Lawnmower

Craftsman # 917.377160
B&S Engine #12H802 2682

I had to replace starter rope. When trying to restart engine after installing rope, my engine will start, but runs only a very short time and there is black smoke coming from exhaust.

I have gone to the B&S web page and have had all kinds of trouble getting info.

Also, I have misplaced the instruction manual. Where can I find a detail image of engine & mower? Is one available online or will I need to go to Sears for a replacement?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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J A Boggan
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For your B&S engine go to and put your model number and type in, then on the second screen click on "view free PDF" , it will take you to an exploded view of the engine and a parts list. You will need to have acrobat reader on your computer however this is a free download.

On the sears mower, go to and just put in your number 917.377160 . There is also an a
exploded view and a parts list and a list price list.
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Thanks J.A.

Just come from Sears with new plug and filter. They had to order the repair manual.

I will try the B&S site again. Probably didn't spend as much time as I should have. Also the Sears site.

I took the bottom dust/mud/dirt 'pan' off and cleaned. My what can collect there.

The air filter needed cleaning also, but bought a new one just in case it didn't clean up well.

Tomorrow I will try again...using new plug and filter...hope it starts!

Thanks again for the reply and info on both B&S and Sears web sites.
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I bet the air filter was the problem. Black smoke is unburned fuel caused by a rich fuel mixture. A restricted air filter, stuck choke, or flooding carb can also cause this.
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Hi guys,
Thanks to both J.A. & Cheese for their responces.

I now have this mower running!!! Started on first pull.

The filter and plug finished off a job that should have been done much sooner.

Thanks again for this forum...I have come here for help on my Washer, Plumbing, Tile install and now Lawnmower and have received the help needed each time.

Take care...
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Good job!

Come back anytime!

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