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Question home network

I have a network at home that has my personal Desktop PC on it. The Desktop PC is running win98. With my old work notebook (win2000) computer I used to be able to login to my work domain while connected to my home network and still be able to copy files to/from my home Desktop PC as well as print to the printer connected to it. With my new work notebook (win2000) computer I can see my Desktop PC but I am not able to connect to any of the "shared" drives or print to the "shared" printer.

I can't see any obvious configuration differences. Any ideas?

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are you mapping the drives or using shortcuts through my network places? what protocols are installed on win2k machine(start,settings,network,connection,properties)?
i.e.client for microsoft networks,file and print sharing for microsoft,tcp/ip,nwlink netbios,etc.
when you added the printer drivers to laptop,you used network printer option?
can you reverse it and see win2k from the desktop machine? How were the old win2k and new win2k machines formated? fat32 or ntfs?
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To get to the shared drives I do a "Start->Run->" then type
" \\machineName"
Installed network components are:
Client for Microsoft Networks
Eacfilt Driver
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Netowrks
Internet protocol (TCP/IP)

I haven't added the printer driver yet but I was able to use it as a network printer on my old laptop

Yes I can see the win2k machine from the desktop machine

Don't know the filesystem of the old machine but the new one uses NTFS.
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First,go here:
pick your 2 operating systems, and follow the instructions.
If that doesn't help, try disabling the Eacfilt Driver and see if that works. If it does, great, but if not, try finding the computer using my network places. Are you using a router or nortel product?

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For some reason, MS likes NetBEUI installed for a home network. It does not have all the overhead info that TCP/IP uses.

Hope this helps...

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