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How do I release brake pedal on JD?

I have a JD 116 Hydrostatic lawn tractor and while driving forward I pressed on the brake to slow down and now the pedal is locked in the down position and won't release. I see the connector that runs to the brake but I tried banging on it but it still won't release. I can drive forward but it's like driving with your emergency brake on your car. Can someone help please.... Thanks in advance..
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Hello wallyk!

Check the park brake may have gotton stuck. As to where it is, I can't recall. Maybe someone here can be more help as to the location of the park brake on a 116. Have you tried lifting the pedal back up manually? (not so hard as to bend the linkage, but enough to see if it is just stuck).
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jd mower

has this tracter got a disk and pad brake at the tran axsle , you mite look and see if the arm that presses the brake in is releaseing , if not there are on some tractors a pin that runs off this arm that maybe stuck on the in prosition and not letting your brakes release , or the return spring that bring peddle back is broke or not there , had sorta same problem last week , daughter who mows for us keeps running mower deck into side of trailor when unloading and bent hydro bracket under tractor , when deck was up, it would hit this braket and bent it over and hit the brake rod and wouldnt let the brake pull up knob lock the brake on , so maybe look for any bending in brake linkage

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