Leaf Blower will not start


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Homelite Leaf Blower that will not start

I have a Homelite leaf blower that will not start. The blower has a good blue spark witha a new plug installed. This blower has a primer bulb and a choke lever. It also has a three position handle for the operation of the carb. After priming the primer, closing the choke and pulling the starter rope a couple of times, it will flood. The spark plug will be wet with gas. After opening the choke and pulling the starter rope several more times the blower will not attempt to fire. I have also tried spraying starter fluid into the carb and getting the same results. As of now I am at a loss of what to try, Please HELP
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Hello: terrycc

It's always possible the left in the carb fuel went stale. This happening has gummed up the carb and fuel passages through the carb. A carb internal cleaning would then be required.

Also a good idea to check the fuel line for flow, clean or replace the air filter, fuel filter and flush out the fuel tank, since the problem is fuel related.

It's possible but not likely a forced spray of canned carb cleaner into the fuel adjustment screw holes may clean out the passages. Possible but not likely.

May be worth a try.

Be sure to note the exact number of turns outwards each adjustment screw is currently set at before removal of the screw.

To accomplish this task, count the number of turns it takes to first turn the screw inwards. Make a note. Then remove the screw.

An excellent source for orginal replacement parts is your local retail lawn mower and or small engine repair shops. Dealers and repair shops are listed in the phone book.

Retail parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers with you if you stop in at the store.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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I agree with Tom...the fuel may need to be changed. It also could be that you haven't enough compression, or the exhaust is clogged.

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