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Model - GBI 22V

Idles good
Runs kinda rough at high speed
Runs rougher and smokes when tilted
Mixture setting seems to have little if any effect when tilted

All the above?
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Hello: boman

Most likely the carb needs an overhaul. When fuel and or air adjustment screws have little or no effect, the carb needs a rebuilding.

Other systems to check would be the entire fuel system and the exhaust system. Fuel should flow freely from the tank with the fuel tanks cap on.

Always possible there may be a restriction in the exhaust system. Which includes the muffler and spark arrester. Loose baffels as well as excessive carbon build up.

Plenty of already posted questions in the forum pertaining to two cycle engine running problems to begin the diagnosic process. Reading them should provide additional helpful information.

Check back on your topic several times over the next several days for additional replies. The other resident small engine service and repair professionals may offer additional suggestions, advice & help.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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