Lawnmower problem


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Unhappy Lawnmower problem

This spring had troubles getting the mower to start. It's a craftsmen with a techumseh engine, 6 hp mulching mower. I cleaned the tank, cleaned the carb, replaced all gaskets and still have the same problem? Hard to start, at first pops and dies, but gradually idles longer as you continue to pull on starter cord. Eventually starts and runs, but unevenly with slight popping and stuttering. As I mow the lawn it gets better over time, running fairly well by the time I'm done with the lawn, with only slight popping. If stopped it'll restart quickly for about a 1/2 hr. but the next day it's the same routine.
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Change the plug?

Over time the electrode burns away widening the gap, which could cause poor firing, misfiring of a cold engine. As the engine warms up the metals expand and the gap improves, causing the engine to run better. That's my two sense anyway.

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Another thing to check is the valves. I had a similar problem. To be able to obtain the correct clearance for the valves you will need to look in the repair manuel or if you can't get to one (some libraries have them) you could give us your model number. If one of the valves are too tight (doesn't have enough clearance) you will have a hard time to get enough compression to start the engine. The popping noise is also another symptom of valves not seating properly either due to not enough clearance or trash caught under the valve or on the seat.
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Hello: Blues

Valves and the spark plug could be all or part of the problem. Replace the spark plug and feeler gauge the valve clearances.

The popping often indicates a lean fuel mixture. Try enrichening the fuel volume by adjusting the carb screws while the engine is running. A slightly enriched mixture may help.

If that does not help or cure the problem, the carbs not totally cleaned out of any gums and vanishes left inside. Be positive all fuel passages in the carb are cleaned and cleared out.

Check the air filter and clean or replace as needed. Also check for constant and steady fuel flow from the fuel tank. Do so by removing the fuel line from the carb and allow the fuel to freely flow for a minute or so. Flow must remain constant.

Personally, I would not suspect the valves to be the cause until all other possibilties are checked. I rarely found valves to be a problem unless the engine is well used and worn out.

Another possibility with a well used and worn out engine is compression. Hard starting is one of the symptoms. Running better once the engine reaches normal temps is another.

Valves do the same as the above. Expand and seal better in well used and worn out engines. Same hard starting problem.

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Regards & Good Luck.
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