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Exclamation small engine repair

I need to find how to set the timing on the crank shaft and cam shaft for a Briggs & Stratton 3.5hp classic lawnmower engine, throttle free design. It's an emergency!
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Hello and Welcome jangelpuente to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site and the Small Engine forum.

Kindly post the engine brand, model, year & serial numbers. These numbers help to identify the specific engine model.

To add more detail use the REPLY button. Using the reply button moves the topic back up to the top of the daily topic list automatically & keeps all communications in this one thread.

Lawn mower shops and or small engine repair shops carry repair manuals. Locations can be found in the local phone book directory.

Basically, the timing marks are on the two parts. Line the two marks up and the timing will be correct.

Regards & Good Luck.
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Correct, line up the dot on the camshaft together with the dot on the crankshaft, and you are set.
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Originally posted by Sharp Advice

Kindly post the engine brand, model, year & serial numbers. These numbers help to identify the specific engine model.

how do i identify my engines and parts on my engines? also, how do i tell the year on my engines?

i have several tecumseh 7 hp engines...and i have some 5 hp...i have a couple that may fall in between, but we aren't sure.

i have no idea where to start, as far as getting the right parts, and correct adjustments. i have ordered a couple manuals online, which should be here this week, but i still feel a bit lost.

thanks for any info, or links. i really need it...he he he ....
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I'll give you two personal examples:

My 1965 Sears/Craftsman Snowblower with a Tecumseh 6 HP engine.

Sears model #143.556022, Translates to an H60 engine. If you call Tecumseh at 262-377-2700 they can give you a Tecumseh # for your Sears made Tecumseh engine.

On there is also code 4310B which in my case means "310th day of 1964 manufactured on Line B".

Tecumseh engines (if they are Sears marketed have a 143 prefix, and you can go to>parts to find the Tecumseh part #s) will have a model and serial # on the engine shroud.


My 1990 Homelite Power Washer.

Model #80232
Type/Trim 4101-01
Code 900214

If you go to the B&S website, they tell you how to break down a model # so you can figure out what it means.

Type and trim refer to engine variations on the same platform (Homelite may ask for something that say Ariens doesn't on an engine supplied to them)
Code is read 1990, 02 (Februrary) 14 (day). My Homelite is a Valentine's Day machine. LOL

Hope that helps.
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The code# is the 3rd set of numbers found on briggs engines. It is translated as 1st 2 #s: year of mfg.; 2nd 2 #s: month of mfg.; 3rd 2 #s: day of mfg.; 4th 2 #s: plant/assy line. These #s are usually found on the blower shroud of the engine, usually on the end over the head.

The serial # on a tecumseh engine is translated as 1st #: year of mfg.; next 3 #s: the calendar day of mfg.; and the letter at the end : the line and shift at the factory. The model # of a tecumseh is usually 1 or more letters, followed by 2 or more numbers. The letters designate engine style, like H for a horizontal shaft engine, V for vertical, OHV for overhead valve vertical, OHH for overhead valve horizontal, and many others, like SK for snow king engine, OHSK for overhead valve snow king engine, HMSK for flat head snow king, and so on. The numbers after the letters designate the HP of the engine, like: H60 means a horizontal 6HP engine. H80 means horizontal 8HP engine, and so on.

Hope that helps.
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cheese, are the tecumseh numbers also located on the blower cover?

thanks for the info, this is very helpful.

the problem i may have now, is we have taken the cover off several of these engines, and may not know which cover came from which engine. we'll try to match them up the best we can though.

we were going to check the block of these engines for numbers, and we have the covers all in a pile
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Tecumseh had numbers in different places. Many times they will be on a sticker or metal plate on the side(older engines) of the flywheel shroud ...mostly on the side opposite of the carb and exhaust. Sometimes right on top of the head too. Sometimes they have a metal tag attatched with the #s on it.

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