cleaning plastic carbs


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cleaning plastic carbs

A guy recently told me that some of the new plastic carbs can be soaked in parts cleaner. Anyone know of this? If so, what year plastic carbs can be soaked in harsh cleaner. That may not be a fair guestion, since different companies may have come out with them in slightly different years. If these exist, how can they be recognized?
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I don't know of any plastic carbs that I would soak for any significant amount of time in a harsh chemical cleaner. You can probably get by ok with soaking one for 10 or 15 minutes, which usually is enough time to get the majority of garbage out.
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Plastic Carb Servicing

The only ones I'm familiar with are the Vacu-Jet types used by
Briggs on their Sprint type engines. A "new carb" for one of
those is around $22, I believe. The plastic bowled Tecumseh
carbs....a COMPLETE BOWL KIT is available for those for $15.78.
There is very little, if any, cleaning needed on these that a
can of spray won't accomplish. But....with the price of new ones
or bowl kits...??


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