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Cannot get "Plug" out for oil change

Have an older tractor. Went to change oil could not get plug out. Tried everything: WD 40, running and warming up tractor. Any suggestions??? Hammered it as well
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If it is a pipe plug with a 1/2" or 3/8" square drive head on it I normally reverse a 12" socket set extension. Put the female end of the extension on the plug and that gets you out away from the engine so you can put that 10" or 12" crescent wrench on the other end of the extension.
We will need to know what the model number of the tractor and engine to give you any specific information.
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If it has a square head, then a 12 point socket will fit on it, that is unless the square head is on a taper. If you have an impact wrench available to use, then that would get it off.If you don't have an impact wrench, then putting a wrench on the plug and hitting the end of the wrench would do the same thing. Another thing to try is to turn the wrench in the direction to thighten it, then go in the direction to loosen it. Going back and forth like this should break it loose.

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