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The Ultimate John Deere STX38

Thought I would share the results of a project I have had going on at the shop. I have 3 STX38's around in various stages of disrepair so I decided to build the ultimate 1 acre lawn mower. First to go was the stock 4 speed Peerless for a 5 speed. A little carving on the plastic shifter guide lets you get to fifth with no linkage modfications. Dramatic increase in speed with the small JD input pulley. The electric clutch was changed for one with a one inch larger pulley for a big increase in blade speed. Top that off with a set of Gator Mulchers while leaving the side throw shoot in place lets you run along in "fifth" with no problem. If you wonder how the stock Kohler 12.5HP keeps up with all of this fear not, its out of there for a new 16 HP Kohler Command which went right in place with the exception of the mounting bolt holes. The frame had to be drilled to accept the larger 16 HP bolts. I havn't clocked this mower in action but it is a sight watching this thing throw knee deep grass about ten feet running along at about 15 MPH. Keep in mind that this is a mower that is smaller than most 12HP 38 inch cut machines.
I know this is not a DIY project but it could be if you stay logged in here enough.
BTW, do you guys/girls think I have been watching to much Monster Garage?

Thanks for your time, I just had to share this very successful project with you.......Mike

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Good for you Mike. You may wish to submit photos of your project in action to various places, you might win a few bucks.

Back in 2001, I bought a 1960 Craftsman mechanic's rollaway chest/roller cabinet/toolbox from a guy whose father in law died. He was selling some great stuff, and boy did I wind up with a lot of it I bought it for $50, and sold the books included with the box for $110, so the box was paid for already .

I researched it through the History Factory, got the information, original catalog ads and whatnot. Then, I bought some parts from Waterloo Industries who is Sears vendor for these items. I had a machinist friend here at work make some parts for it. I sanded, scraped, polished and painted the best I could. My neighbors laughed at me that I would do such a thing.

About a month later, I got a letter from Sears. "Dear Mr. Figurelli. Your project has been chosen to feature in the Craftsman Club newsletter, and here is $25 for your efforts. Please sign the enclosed release form authorizing the use of your photo".

I got a couple of copies of the ad, I laminated them. I then went to the Sears store for the Craftsman Club promotion and said to the clerk in the tool department, "Notice something funny about this catalog????" He looked and said to his colleagues, "Guys, holy S********t, c'mere, it's this customer in the book!!!" They were all like "COOOOOOLLLLLL". Even other customers were like "WOW!!"

I got a couple of extra discounts that day. LOL . Not bad for an ego stroke.

I'd love to see photos of this project Mike! Good deal!

P.S. My Tecumseh contact is not being too helpful with the research of the starter numbers you asked me about, but I will keep trying! .
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Mike, it sounds like something they would build on Monster Garage. Sure you're not related to Jessie?
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Posts: 16,818 that sounds like a mower! Sounds like you enjoy doing some of the same stuff I like to do...take things to the extreme, lol.

I still haven't finished the (go cart?) or whatever you want to call it that I have been building. We talked about it in the go cart forum a good while back if you recall. It has taken a back seat right now, as business is really keeping me busy.

I want to finish that first, then I have plans and some parts to build a 6wheel amphibious buggy.

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