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Lawn mower won't start... cord pulls back in.

I have an older Craftsman push lawn mower (3.5 HP, 20"). I was mowing at my cabin in some really long grass (weeds) and the mower died. I tried to restart it by pulling the srarting cord and the mower would not start. It pulls the starting cord back in, really hard. I attempted to start it again the next day and had the same situation. Is this mower salvageable? Thanks!
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Did you happen to hit anything? It sounds like the mower has sheared the timing key. The fact that it is pulling the cord back on you is the big clue.
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The flywheel key is sheared. It costs one dollar and about an hour to change if you do it yourself. Everything about it is straight forward and can be done with normal tools except for removing the flywheel. That takes a puller, however, you can rent one at outo zone. The mower is still perfectly good. The part that got messed up is designed to break whenever the blade comes in contact with something heavy, so if you decide to brig it to a mower shop, they shouldn't have any problem fixing it since it is something that they probably see pretty often.
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Thanks so much for the good response.

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