Transaxle problem


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J A Boggan
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Question Transaxle problem

I've gotten a Murray 40" rider in with a transaxle problem...model # 40702X92B, with a Spicer transaxle (5 speed) # 4360-67 091865. It makes a loud squeeling, scraping noise whenever you let out on the clutch. It makes this same noise even when it is in neutral. I pulled the deck completely I could perhaps see what was happening. With the clutch engaged, the large input pulley could be "wobbled" an excessive amount. So I dropped the transaxle and pulled off the input pulley (which was pretty loose). I took it apart and everything seems fine. The input shaft doesn't appear to be worn (after micing it all along its length). My question is, could the pulley being worn, be making that scraping noise and if it can , how does the pulley wear out (being keyed on the shaft). Has anyone ran into this before? Does anyone know where I could come up with an exploded view and a price list?
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Speak to David Wilson in Technical Services. Be persistent, Murray can take a while to get back to you, but they do respond. Better to call them.

I've had good luck with them. They've sent any manuals I've asked for free of charge---and both were out of print.
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Check the belt guides for the tranny pulley for wear spots. It could be that the pulley is scraping one of them. How did the input shaft bearings look? The pulley will wear over time just from the torque of the engine pulling the belt against the backside of the pulley. It makes the pulley wobble, moreso after a long time when it has worn away at the metal. I assume this pulley is retained by just a snap ring. These are the ones that are bad about wobbling, as opposed to the ones held on by a nut. You can use a few thin washers to take up the slack if it is excessive.
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J A Boggan
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I drilled a hole in the hub and installed a 1/4 X 20 set screw...which seem to fix the "wobbling" problem. Cheese, thanks for shedding some light on why this pulley would wear (while being keyed to the shaft). It is in fact held in place with a snap ring. The input needle bearings looked fine. I found the source of the was a froze up idler was melted through on one side...I didn't notice it until I started re-assembly. Thanks again fellows.

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