Carb Floods


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Question Craftsman 5.5 self propelled

Bought this mower in garage sale. When it is filled with more than 1/4 tank of gas, it floods out all over the place; air filter and primer button especially. The carb looks great inside with exception of float. It has kinks bends and all kinds of stuff in it. Is my float the problem? It is a ring type of float I have never seen before. Much to my non-suprise, Sears does not list it on there schematic of the machine. What should I do?


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You've missed something on the Sears site. Go back to the machine breakdown. Find the model # in the text of the engine. Plug THAT # into the model # box and you'll get the engine parts breakdown.

The maker of the machine (AYP likely if it's a "917" model) doesn't know or care much about the engine beyond the full part # for the engine . That is why you must plug in the engine model # into the site.

AYP would supply the machine parts lists, Tecumseh (it's likely a Tecumseh engine) likely supplies the engine and parts lists .

Yes, the "toilet bowl seat" carburetor float is VERY common of Tecumseh .
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Hello yessboss!

Being a 5.5hp, it's a tossup...could be a Briggs, could be a tecumseh. The model# of the engine will tell. It sounds like you need a float, and any small engine shop should have one in stock, whether it is a briggs or tecumseh. Let us know how it goes.
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Carb Problems

"My float's all crinkled up and cracked"....that tells it all. Carb
has had water inside, froze, and crushed the float in this
Tecumseh engine. I see this a LOT in the springtime after
equipment has been sitting over the winter months. He
needs a new float, 632019, needle/seat 631021A, bowl
gasket 631028, and primer (need engine or carb info to give
correct part # for that). By the way, if float bowl is LEFT ON
and compressed air is shot into the fuel inlet, too,
can crush the float in a like manner.

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Yep, I didn't think about it, but if the float is crinkled, it is a tecumseh, since the Briggs 5.5 had a plastic float.

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