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craftsman lawnmower ignition

my dog took my key out and not it is nowhere to be found....

is there anyway to hotwire it or start without a key?

thanks for you help
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Hello and Welcome lockjawkennels to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site and the Small Engine forum.

Should not be any problem if the current key switch is a simple two position two wire device.

Simply remove the existing key switch. Detach the two wires. Install a toggle switch and reattach the two wires. Polarity is not a concern. The switch is a grounding only device to kill the engine.

The key part of the switch is a safety device to prevent children from starting the engine without the key. I assume you have no children or they are grown and you can leave the key installed.

If there is no safety concerns for accidential engine starting, the toggle switch will work fine. The are available at any automotive parts stores in your area. And they are not expensive either...

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Regards & Good Luck.
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wire details

there is one red, one black, and then two sets of two yellow wires that run out the back of the ignition...

there is a seat and clutch pedal safety on the lawnmower....

i just dont know which ones to put together to start the mower...it is a craftsman 13 hp OHV manufactured in 1996

thanks for your help
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You could go to a small engine shop and buy a new key. For example, most briggs ignitions use the same key, so if you lose one, you can just grab another one off of another mower with a briggs engine.
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"I see said the blind man."

A riding mower with a key switch.

Hello: lockjaw

Interlock safety switches & devices too.

As mower17 said, get a replacement at the dealers. It should be as common as a landard key used with a wave runner or jet ski.

Anyone with one can ride anybody elses machine any time.

Useless for security.

Safe for accidental engine starting of mowers.

Great for engine killing of jet skis & wave runners when riders get tossed off.....

Sharp Advice

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