Mower Died!!


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Unhappy Mower Died!!

So I was mowing my lawn and I was about to move over to the next patch when I stopped to get something to drink. Came back and did a quick check on gas and it was almost empty. I purchased some new gas and thought I was on my way again but now mower does no start. It cranks (starts for about 1-2 secs and dies..) try again and nothing. The oil was a little low so after a little research on the web. I just used some 10w40 motor oil to fill her up. Still no go. Cleaned the air filter. No go.let is sit for a few mins and it cranks a few secs and then dies and then does not start. I can let it sit and every time it will crank once and not again. I tried to check the carb but did not want to get into it that much. What could my problem be.

PS. Removed my spark plug and it looks ok.. but when I let it hang to check the spark, it has none. Now I am not sure if it needs to touch metal or something or can it just be plugged into the wire. PLEASE HELP!

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Hello Zane!

The spark plug does need to be touching metal to spark. Check that first. If you have spark, check to be sure fuel is coming to the carb from the tank. If so, you'll need to pull the carb bowl off and check for garbage and water in it.
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Just a shot in the there any chance that you purchased bad gas or put it in a can that could of had water in the gas. The symptoms sound like bad fuel to me. What size and make engine are we talking about?

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