self propel problem


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self propel problem

I have a B & S 6.25 HP self-propelled mower. Model # 12A-526L062. Serial # 1B122K30708.

I got it running and now half way through mowing the machine got stuck in the self propel mode even when the handle is not squeezed. I need some help here. The cable seems to have some slack in it now. Do I have to replace this cable???


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Well I've got it fixed. It took trial and error. The cable was running free and no kinks. Finally got the fly wheel over the axle off and discovered a gum ball stuck in the rotating mech over the axle that kept it in the powered position. Cleaned it out and the the cable is able to now pull the flywheel forward to engage the front wheels and when released it disengages. I hope this helps others out.

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Hello Chris

Glad you got the problem fixed. Thanks for taking the time to reply back with the cause of the problem and how you fixed it.

Doing so allows every reader of your question to learn more. It also proves that if a mechanical problem developes, with a little time, patients and diagnostics, the problem can be discovered and fixed.

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