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Angry Honda HRA215SXA

I have been having difficulty with my hand-me-down mower. It seems to be in the fuel area. Is there a service manual on-line that I can access to help me break this thing down, so I can get it back together and working?
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Hello: Chambo

More Detailed Information Requested Please.

Before assuming it's a fuel problem, describe in detail what the symptoms are. How is the engine running? Hard starting? Etc.

The problem may appear to be fuel related but may not be. If you describe the problem the professionals in the forum can better assist you.

Reading some of the already asked questions on the problem your machine has will also provide you with some possible problems and the solutions.

Use the REPLY button to add the additional information. Using the reply button moves the topic back up to the top of the daily topic list automatically & keeps all communications in this one thread.

Regards & Good Luck.
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More Info

Problem started when all of the gas in the 2.5 Gallon can was emptied into the gas tank. I am almost positive that some trash got in the tank. If I take the breather off and pour gas in the carb it will run all day. I have found a way to "unclog" the filter by tilting the mower. How can I clean the fuel system?
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Hello Chambo!

I suggest replacing the fuel filter...when it gets clogged, it's time to replace it...or maybe past time, lol.

To clean the trash out of the carburetor, remove the fuel bowl and dump it out and blow out the carb with carburetor cleaner and/or compressed air. Wear safety goggles when doing this...carb cleaner and gas hurts pretty bad when it gets in your eyes!
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Hello: Chambo

Thanks for providing additional details on the problem. Now that it can be more safely assumed to be a fuel supply problem, I agree with cheese. Do as suggested.

I also suggest you be sure fuel is flowing out of the fuel supply hose from the tank. Inside the tank may have debris restricting the free flow of fuel out of the tank to the carb.

Also suggested to replace the air filter. Fuel on the filter or a dirty air filter will cause air flow problems. Replacing the air filter will ensure having the correct air to fuel ratio.

If the gas container is dirty inside or made of metal, replace it also. Plastic fuel containers to store do not rust inside...
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Does anyone know where I can get some type of manual that I can use in order to disassemble and reassemble the mower?

I would like for it to run once I put it back together.

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