trimmer carburator


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trimmer carburator

i have a sears trimmer with a zama carb. sometimes it will start and sometmes not. i cleaned the carb but it still does the same.if i squrt a small amount of gas in the choke opening it will start and run for a couple of secounds then stop. when the tank is pressurized i remove the fuel line to the carb and fuel flowes freely so i eliminated the filter as being clogged.the valve inlet needle seems to move freely when i push on it. how can i tell if the diaphram is bad or the fuel pump gasket or fuel pump gasket are bad.i can't find a e-mail add. for zama.any help will be appreciated. thanks john
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Hello and Welcome John to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site and the Small Engine forum.

I have some questions for clearification of the problem. Would you kindly clearify the inforomation.

You stated sometimes it starts and other times it will not.
Is the engine hard starting once it warms up?

When you stated you cleaned the carb, how did you do that?

Disassemble it entirely? Clean it internally or exturnally?
Install a carb rebuilding kit?

Three problem possibilities come to mind.

The carb is still plugged up.
The muffler is clogged with carbon.
The compression is to low when the engine is cold.

Most likely I haven't covered all of the potential possibilities. The other resident small engine service and repair professionals may offer additional suggestions, advice & help.

Check back on your question several times over the next few days for additional replies.

Small engine repair parts are available at all local small engine repair shops and or lawn mower repair shops. They are listed in the phone book directory in every town.

Read the already asked questions and the replies offered in them on this same type of problem for additional help & information on 2 cycle engine starting/running problems. Doing so will provide additional possible causes and the solutions to correct them.

Use the REPLY button to update the info requested. Using the reply button moves the topic back up to the top of the daily topic list automatically.

Regards & Good Luck. Web Site Host & Small Engine Forum Moderator. "Accurate Power Equipment Company"
Small Engine Diagnostics Services and Repair.
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Original poster:

Plug your model # into the Sears website. and then "parts' on the left.

You don't mention the model # of the machine, but I would guess it's either a Paramount, Weedeater or a Poulan in disguise (model prefixes 257 or 358 respectively). Poulan owns the former two now.

You'll see a good exploded view of the machine. Chances are it's a carburetor problem. I can't see a kit for this carburetor being more than $15.
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Hello John!

I agree that it is probably a fuel problem. I also wonder about it being hard to start "sometimes". Does it run well once started, when it does start?
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i purchased a carb overhaul kit for $10.00 at a small engine repair shop.i installed it and also replaced the fuel lines. trimmer works like new again. thanks for your help. john
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Good job!

Glad you got it going!

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