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Question Brake adjustment

On my mower ( a Noma with a 12hp B&S ), I have very little brakes. From what I have read in searching here, all I have to do is adjust the nut near the axle ( where the brake lever contacts a flat piece of metal ) I was wondering ( assuming the worst ) is there a brake pad in there somewhere ? I ask just in case I can't tighten things up enough and I need to replace something ..
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If you or someone else hasn't ever adjusted the brakes the pads should be fine.
There should be a 1/2" nut just in front of the right axle you can tighten. Don't tighten it all the way down because is could lock up you brakes. Just tighten it little by little. Be sure it rolls freely and the brakes don't drag when you're done.
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Hello weasel!

You are right....look for the lever on the tranny that moves when you hit the brake pedal, and tighten the nut that holds that lever on about two turns and try it. If it has never been adjusted before, you probably still have plenty of brake pad material left. If you can't adjust it enough to get good brakes, just remove the brake assembly (held on with 2 bolts) and pull the rotor disk off. There will be a pad in the piece you removed, and another pad inserted into a recess in the tranny housing just behind the rotor.

Hope that helps!
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I think that the nut just backed off. I tightened it until I felt the nut just touch and I now have brakes. No dragging and it stops when I want it to. Thanks guys !! ( and gals, just in case )
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Anytime! Occasional adjustment of the nut may be required to compensate for wear on the brake pads. The brake system does not constantly adjust itself like car brakes. Glad you got it fixed!

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