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electrical problem - ride on lawn mower

I have a Noma Canadian ride on lawn mower with a briggs and straton engine.

It was working fine and then the next day it would not start.

The battery is fine and fully charged.

The unit has safety switches on the seat, the brake and the mower engagement.

I do not know how to determine where the problem is, which switch or the ignition.

I have a electrical tester to perform the tests but I don't know where to begin.

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I have the same mower and just recently went through a multitude of problems. First thing would be to check the fuse under the seat. If that doesn't work, try bypassing the safety switches one by one ( make sure the blades aren't engaged and its in neutral ! ). A good piece of 12 gauge wire is a good fit.

Let me know what you find !
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I assume I simply unplug the switch and plug a short piece of number 12 in both sides of the switch???????

Is that correct.?

If I remember the safety switch for the blade engagement had 4 prongs instead of just 2.
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That's correct, just jam the wire in there. The safety switch for the blades is actually two separate switches. One is so that it will not start if blades are engaged and the other will shut off if blades are engaged and you get off your seat. Then there is the seat switch and the clutch switch. I forgot to ask, The starter motor is working and it just won't fire up, correct ?
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Your question may be very valid now.

I was performing the test you suggested and I started to get a loud ticking sound out of the selonoid.

As I turned the key you could feel the ticking inside the selonoid.........got a new one from the local small engine shop ($20) and still have the same problem.

Is this leaning towards the starter now.?

I appreciate your continued advise.
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Well I guess now you have a spare solenoid ! Check for power at the starter when you turn the key. If you have power, then somethings gone funny with the starter. Brushes are the most likely thing I can think of. They are rebuildable, however, I have never done one ( yet ). If possible, see if you can borrow one from someone. They are really easy to remove and you'll know for sure if its the starter.

Maybe someone else can chime in here just to make sure I am on the right track with this ? Is there anything else that can go wrong with the starter ( internally ) ?
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Hello Jim!

Sounds to me like you have starter troubles. One common thing that happens is the starter gear jams into the flywheel unevenly and binds it. If you are getting 12v to the starter when the key is turned to start, then remove the cover over the starter bendix and see if the gear is meshed into the flywheel teeth. If so, work it back down and try again. If the gear looks bad, you need to change it.

Let us know what you find.
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Did you get it working Jim ??
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Yes I got it working.

The problem was in fact the brake sensor that was preventing the connection.

SO.......after all that excercise of pushing instead of riding and $ 20 for the new selonoid I am back riding again.

Thanks for all your advice.

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Angry Sylinoid Problem

Hi, new to this forum because I am looking for some help. I have a Murray Rear Engine Riding Mower, with a electric start system. What I did was I wanted to change the way I start the engine. Meaning, instead of using the button to crank the engine, use a key switch. So, I cut all the wires that ran to the switch and the light, they all hooked into each other in some way. Any now that I cut all the wires coming from the cylinoid, I think you can see my problem. Guess? I can crank the engine with the button, but I can not get it to start. There are four wire coming off the cylinoid that went to the switch. They are color coded as follows.

2 red wires
1yellow wire
1black wire

I looked at where they went on the cylinoid. And here is the info I have. One red wire connects to the same place that the starting button wire and the starting moter connects to. The second red wire just connects to the bottom of the cylinoid. Te black wire also connects to the cylinoid, just in a diiferent spot. The yello wire seems to connect to a fuse. I hope I explained this in detail enough. I just have not figured out how ti bypass this. I want to get this mower going. ALso keep in mind that I got this mower from sombody therefor I found out that the brake switch and seat switch were removed so for a long time there when I was running in order to start the engine I had to remove the coil ground wire from a screw, and when I wanted to stop the engine I would put the ground back on the screw. Problem is now that I have cut all the wires except the cranking wires and coil ground wire, It won't start that way either.

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