mower quality?


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stanley mower quality??

A place near me (Spags) has 26" self propelled front caster 6.5hp stanley mower for 299 after coupon. Is this a good mower? Start easy? run for 10years w. reg maint? Is the speed variable or only 1 walk behind speed? thanks. one hand typng w.sleepin baby in other. e3
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Hello: Spamman

Valid questions. Quality is always an issue worth considering.

Keep in mind the replies your likely going to get here are strictly personal opinions & not necessarily based totally on facts.

Best places to obtain quality facts on the engine, deck, cutting abilities, features, parts, etc. is from sources in magazines that test consumer products.

Quality of construction, features and abilities of any machine are also based on the intended usage of the equipment and your personal assessments of the features for your purchasing dollar.

In my opinion, brand does not matter. That applies to both the engine and mower. What really matters is what you want in a machine for your intended usage and $ willing to be spent.
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Thanks for the insight. I have a little less than 1/2 acre to mow. I want a mower that is of high quiality but do not want to spend 800 bones. I am also looking at an Ariens but I think the one I like is about 600 bones. I have heard some good and some bad on this Stanley. Does anyone have one and can tel me about it? OR a website or 2 that talks about it and options / opinions / repair record. The only Consumers Reports I had was 2 years old and rated the John Deere to be best buy at 410. However everywhere I call that exact model is 600+. Peace: e3
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If I'm not mistaken, stanley is made by murray. Could be a decent mower, I think I have seen them with honda engines on them. The stanley name hasn't been on mowers for very long, so I don't know how well they last. Time will tell.

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