Engine starts, wont run


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Engine starts, wont run

I have a Toro walk-behind mower with 19hp Kohler engine. Went to start it today and it fried the 30amp fuse between the ignition switch and solenoid. After trying to narrow down the cause, the fuse only blows when the ignition switch is in the run position, not the start position. The mower starts up fine, but will not continue to run. I have bypassed the ignition switch and manually started the mower (worked fine) but again blew a fuse once in the run position.

Since I have no electrical experience at all, I have been reading a lot on this forum. From what I can tell, I think I am shorting out somewhere, most likely has something to do with the wire coming out of the ignition switch when it is in the run position (this is a purple wire that i believe runs to the regulator). I have checked out the wiring and nothing seems to be grounding out. I plan to pick up an ohm meter tomorrow to test the wires. Does anybody have any suggestions for this rookie? thx.
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Hello dmk66. Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and our Small Engine forum.

Kindly use the reply button to add some specific additional information. Having the model numbers should provide the forum with any information pertaining to safety devices and the electrical system for that model.

Very possible when the ignition switch is in the run position some device or devices are shorting out or grounded. The start position includes some safety devices which may prevent engine running but not starting or cranking.

Not exactly sure what you mean by run. Continued engine running or only when the ignition is cranking? Provide that detail.

To start engine almost all battery current is sent directly ot the starter and ignition. Once the egnine has start, running, the key switch allows current to run to all other devices etc.

Post the additional information using that reply button. Than check back on your question several times over the next few days for additional replies with helpful possible causes and possible solutions.

Small engine repair parts, manuals and additional help are all available at all local small engine repair shops and or lawn mower repair shops in your area. Shops and dealers are listed in the phone book directory.

Regards & Good Luck.
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The mower will start (i.e., the starter will work fine), the mower will run (plugs will fire) for approx. 2-4 sec and then the motor will die out. The motor dies when the key is turned to the run position, which I believe is opening up a diff. circuit.

I have investigated the wires the run between the two coils of the motor. There were two wires that were wrapped in a black plastic to hold them together. After taking this wrap off of the wires, the mower no longer shorted out & the problem was solved.

Thanks for the reply.

Best regards,
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Glad you got it going! One thought...did you see the short, or did it just kinda dissappear after moving the wires? If you didn't see it and repair it, it may come back. Now at least you know where to pick up the trail.

Take care!

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