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Should I buy an old John Deere

I have an opportunity to buy an old John Deere 110 lawn tractor, appears to be early seventies.
It runs good and has a tiller attachment but wonder if anyone has any experience with the JD electric clutch and raise/lower mechanism.
The Kohler engine and general mechanics I don't think will be a problem but I'm not sure if the electric clutch and raise/lower mechanism would be a pain.
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Hello Greg!

Some people are on the hunt for that mower...they are still big sellers. They are much tougher and more durable than anything you can buy nowadays. They sell for anywhere from $400.00 to $3,000.00, and even more, depending on their condition. The electric clutch is not usually a problem area on these machines, and the electric lift attatchment can easily be rebuilt by an automotive starter rebuiler shop if it gives any problems. John Deere still carries all the parts for these old machines, even the decals. They are big with collectors as well. I don't know if the price is good for the condition of the machine, but look on Ebay and see what they are going for. Keep in mind that some of the parts for these things aren't cheap. (Although the stuff is so well made that you don't have a lot of stuff breaking like you do on newer equipment).

Let us know how it goes!
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Hello: GregH

In my opinion, one method to determine if features offered years ago are worth having, etc is if they are still popular now and still offered on machines sold today.

Since they are and improvements have been made to those used years ago, then it can safely be assumed the buying public wants such. Reverse would be true if features such as those you refer to are not offered on models sold today.

I agree fully with cheese.

Sharp Advice

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