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Montgomery Ward Mower

I am working on a lawn tractor I am told is made by MTD for the above company. I have solved a declutching problem by finding the incorrect pulley installed on the engine output shaft. I had to remove a spring to get the belts to the "clutch" loose enough to replace the pulley, and to replace one that was about to break. With everything back in place, I am finding the spring a bit of a problem to reattach to the clutch and the hanger on the left side of the the tractor. a vicegrip and a stong arm might work, but Im thinking there must be a "right" way to attach this spring safely. thanks in advance for any Ideas! Mod #TMO 33905A
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Hello WML13!

I have found that a piece of rope...small diameter, but strong (like pull rope) tied in a big loop works well for reattatching springs. Just hook the spring on the loop and pull the rope until the spring stretches to where you want to connect it.
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Well, believe it or not, I tried that trick myself before I wrote the original post. This spring was far too strong, and had too far to go to hook it back without some serious leverage. I got it back with a long steel rod and two vise grips. A punch and a hammer got the hook part into the bracket when I got close to it. But thanks anyway!

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