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Toro blower-vac 5HP

Hi again all. My father gave my a 5HP gasoline powered blower / vacuum. I don't see identifying marks on the engine. I guess the vacuum bag rotted and he didn't want to pay for a new one... I figure I could become a seamster long enough to fashion something adequate.

I forgot to grab the shroud that contains the pull start mechanism so I just was messing around with it and checking it out. It still has the ratcheting square "peg" attached to the flywheel / blower (that plugs in to the pull start mechanism in the shroud) so I know which direction the engine is supposed to turn.

The thing that has me puzzled is the compression stroke seems to happen right after the magnet in the flywheel passes by the coil. I rotated the engine backward and that way everything seems right; the compression stroke happens right before the magnet passes by the coil.

I still haven't been able to win an auction for a repair manual for small engines (dang snipers!) but it seems the timing is off or the ratcheting start "peg" is not the right one for the engine.

Does anybody know which brand of engine toro used for this kind of blower/vac? It's kind of a trailer setup to be towed behind a rider mower (it has a bar that fits into the hole on the back of the mower tractor). It has an attachment to turn it into a gigantic kirby-looking thing in reverse (but no beater brush of course). It also has an attachment for a hose to be used for vacuum. The thing has nasty looking metal fan blades (can't wait to hear it fire up).

The fan blade shroud can be turned to turn the thing into a blower (a chute is affixed to the former vacuum exhaust to give the air a 90 degree turn).

Sounds like fun to me!

I can not seem to find any information on-line about this kind of blower. Absolutely nothing like it on ebay (from toro at least). Everything that comes up when I search for "gasoline blower vacuum" is much smaller than this thing.... made to be carried.

This has 3 wheels and the vacuum bag support can double as a push handle if you don't want to tow it behind a lawn tractor.... level control and throttle control on the handle.

Thanks if anybody has any info about this relec. (My guess it it's from the 80's...)
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Hello Jason R!

I have seen the blower/vacs like you have. It has a Briggs and Stratton engine on it. The ratchet is right...the only made one for all engines...they all turn the same direction. The flywheel key could be sheared, but it sounds like it is timed correctly, or pretty close. Pretty neat machine, cleans up leaves really well and shreds them into the bag. Let us know how your progress goes!
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Contact Toro and have them send you the parts breakdown and owner's manual for it. I have had good luck cajoling them into sending me what I want over the years.

B&S can provide a parts breakdown either through www.briggsandstratton.com or by e-mailing them the details. They should be able to help on that side of things.

I had found a Sears machine like that on Ebay that didn't sell, and I couldn't get the seller to my level. I knew I could get it running though. LOL.

They do seem like neat machines. I need one to do my grandfather's 80x100 property (lots of leaves there. LOL)
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Did someone change the title to this thread?

I'm fairly certain this is not a 2 cycle motor.

This sounds like it's timed right? (I'm going to go check it out again now since I WAS pretty tired last night)


Ok. I guess I wasn't that tired. But I'm still confused somewhat.
This is definitely not a 2 cycle motor. I'm confused because the magnet does pass by the coil before the compression stroke.

If this setup IS correct, then perhaps the magnet does not actually fire the coil, but only charges it? There is another weight 180 degrees from the magnet (I figured it was just a counterweight for the magnet on the other side since this weight does not seem to be magnetized). Is this counterweight what actually fires the coil?

If so... I just had a small engine epiphany.

Joe... I don't know why I haven't thought about calling Toro. I do seem to turn to the net first. I can't believe I can't find ANYTHING on the net about this machine. I tried a few times. No pictures... no pages containing the words "Toro 5 horsepower blower vacuum gasoline" that actually has this machine on it.

How does the vacuum handle small sticks?

Thank you both again very much!
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History in the making...

I believe I'll attempt to be the first to post a picture of this beast on the net..... with the words Toro 5 horsepower blower vacuum gasoline on the page as well.

Here she is.... I have a picture of the back that I can post as well... but I don't want to puch my luck.

..... another intermission......

I've downsized the file to about 79k and it still won't work. Am I supposed to be able to post pics? Is it actually possible to downsize a picture to be under 2 bytes? lol

Hopes..... dashed.... OH well. At least it'll be on the subject with those words in it still.
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Jason...the pic has to be posted on another site, and a link to it can be listed here.

It is not a 2 cycle engine. I was about to point that out to you, but I see you already are fairly certain of that. You didn't make that the thread title? If not, someone changed it. I'll see what happened.

The magnet does not fire the coil...you are partly correct...it creates the charge in the coil, the rest is controlled by a solid state module built into the coil, unless this engine has points. If so, the points actually fire it.
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I titled this thread "Toro 5HP blower / vacuum" or something along those lines.

And great information. I have to find the pull start shroud to look for ID numbers. Then I'll know what year it is.

I saw a B&S engine on ebay (Like 8HP) it's code said it was a 1967 motor!! Still running!

Thank you very much.

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