leaky oil seal


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leaky oil seal

one of my best engines a 1966 briggs 3hp 20in. cut is leaking oil at bottom of crankshaft. do i have to pull the base flange to get to the seal? i can see the seal from the bottom. will i have to to replace the flange gasket also? if the flange is stuck to the crankcase how can i pry them apart without causing damage. if i do get it apart and get the parts how much tourque do i use on flange bolts? what is best way to get flange bolts off without breaking them or stripping them? is the oil seal sitting in there like a car or deck bearing where you have to tap them out and back in. the oil seal looks like it is enclosed by a metal ring. this is a great engine and i really would like to fix this old timer without messing it up.
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Hello l.mithcell!

No, you dont even have to remove the engine from the frame. Just remove everything that is attatched to the crankshaft on the pto end and use a seal puller or a screwdriver to pull/pry it out. Be careful not to scratch the crankshaft or the seal housing though, or you will have a leak from now on. When you get the old one out, install the new one, being careful to install it evenly and not distort it.

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