fuel leak


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fuel leak

i have a 7 hp snapper riding motor with a briggs and stratton engine. the fuel line comes out of the bottom of the tank and runs into a small disk about 1-1/2" in diameter and about 1" wide. from here the fuel line gooes into the carb. there seems to be gas leaking out the bottom of this disk slowly a drip at a time every few minutes. I am assuming that this is a fuel filter or something. does the line even need a fuel filter if it is one or should i eliminate it. any thoughts. thanks
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Yes what you described is a B&S fuel filter. It is unusual for the filters itself to be leaking. Check the connections on either end because they could be leaking and the gas running to the lower part of the filter and dripping off.
The fuel filter is not an essential part for the engine to run, but if there is a filter it should be replaced if there is a problem with it. Normally if there isn't a filter in the fuel line there is one in the fuel tank. If any dirt gets to the needle valve in the carb. you may get a leak from the carb. and it will need cleaning. If you take the old filter off try this test. Take a clean paper towel and tap the inlet side of the filter on the towel. You should see why you need the filter. The fuel filter is not very expensive so I would replace it if I were you.

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