Lawn Mower help


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Lawn Mower help

I've got a Murray lawn mower (1 1/2 years old). For a year, it worked fine.

However, all of a sudden it's cutting the grass unevenly. What I mean is that after I finish mowing, you can see uniformly "strips" of grass that are higher than other parts of the lawn.

When I mow, it seems as though the inside of the blade (dead center in the middle of the mower) is cutting much shorter than the outside of the blade . . . thus leaving the strips.

Just so you know, I've checked the following:

1. Blade is *not* loose.

2. The height setting is the same for all wheels.

Also, I've taken very good care of the mower (i.e., blade is sharp, etc.)

Any thoughts?

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Just some thoughts.

Is the blade worn? On the back lift edge?

Is the deck shell damaged?

Is the deck clogged with grass clippings?

Mower spindle bent or loose?

Running engine at full speed?

Using a mulching blade to discharge?

I am going to move this to the Small Engine Section where you can find more experienced help.
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Hello jrp30!

Chfite has good suggestions. Make sure the blade is not on upside down, or bent. Check the things mentioned, and let us know what you come up with.
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"Is the blade worn? On the back lift edge?"

"Is the deck shell damaged?"

"Is the deck clogged with grass clippings?"

"Mower spindle bent or loose?"
I'm going to assume by "mower spindle" you mean the object which is connects the blade to the mower. If true, then no.

"Running engine at full speed?
Interesting question. The engine has one speed, and I am unable to decipher whether it is running at "full speed" or not. I haven't noticed a change in performance from when I initially purchased it. What's the preferred method of detecting whether it's running at full speed or not?

"Using a mulching blade to discharge?"

Any other suggestions? Could it perhaps be the lawn itself. It's quite plush (about 2 inches, Bermuda) and am wondering if that could play a role. I highly doubt it but thought I would throw it out there. :-)

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I have a small patch of bermuda, about 500 sf. In the summer, mowing it at 2 inches tends to leave enough that another pass is needed. The grass gets tall with the blade at the top of the stalk. It is almost as if it leans over when the mower runs over it. I just make another pass and that seems to solve it.
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did you ever solve this. I have a similar (but opposite) problem. My blade seems to cut the grass shorter on the outside of the blade and taller on the inside, thus leaving "swirls" of brown in my hard. Almost looks like a brown circle with green on the inside.
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I had the exact same problem with my Murry mower. The bearings in the deck were bad on one of the blades. It didn't feel feel loose when checking it by hand, but when it was under a heavy load, the belt tension would cause cause the blade to tilt, making it cut lower in the middle of the deck. This drove me crazy for about a month, until I found the problem. I had checked almost everything on the deck. I replaced the two bearings on the one shaft and now it's back to normal.

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