Starter Rope Problem


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Starter Rope Problem

I used my Honda Harmony to cut my grass yesterday and it worked fine, until the last time I started it up. It fired right up, but the starter rope didn't retract. I removed the pull start assembly and rewound the rope, but once again it failed to retract. What's probably my next move here? I'd like to try the repair myself if its not too tricky. Thanks in advance for any advice
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Hello Malialou. Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and our Small Engine forum.

If there is dirt and or debris under the recoil mechanism, it will cause the pulley to hang up. If the rope does not retrack there could be debris on it or on the pulley.

The most difficult place to access is under the pulley assembly. The coiled spring posses a potential danger if it flies loose.

There are some special methods, techniques and tools required to remove some coiled springs on most brands. Caution need to be considered if the assembly needs to be removed.

In most cases, it is not too costly to have a small engine shop person correct the problem while you avoid the potential dangers coiled springs pose.

The other resident small engine service and repair professionals may be able to offer additional suggestions, advice & help.

Check back on your question several times over the next few days for additional replies.

Small engine repair parts, generic repair manuals and additional help are all available at all local small engine repair shops and or lawn mower repair shops in your area. Shops and dealers are listed in the phone book directory.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button. Using the reply button moves the topic back up to the top of the daily topic list automatically & keeps all communications in this one thread.

Regards & Good Luck.
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Thanks for the info and the welcome

I just enjoy taking things apart, so like to try my own repairs if possible. If the repair is too tricky or potentially dangerous I'll be sure to run it to the shop. I'll keep checking back for info.
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I agree with Sharp Advice. Be careful if you attempt the repair...wear safety goggles at the least. The spring may be broken, or jumped out of its' retainer. Let us know what you find!

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