Echo Weedeater-srm 140 Da (1978?)


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Echo Weedeater-srm 140 Da (1978?)

Is the starter ratchet plate on the Echo Weedeater to be removed with a puller or is it threaded on the shaft? I haven't been able to remove it. It has been sprayed with the BLASTER penetrating oil. I have never worked on this thing before but the spark seems weak and the ignition parts (points & condensor) under the starter ratchet plate look rusty and I think I need to reset the points after cleaning them. What is the proper plug and plug gap for an old breaker ignition system such as this? Can ignition parts for this thing be found for a somewhat reasonable price?
The guy at the local lawnmower shop said point and condensor parts would run about $20.00 or more and so would the kit for an electronic ignition system. That is way too expensive. Hey, if somebody is an authority on these you can talk to me anytime!
I haven't messed with 2-cycle since I was a teen, (and that was quite a while ago)!!
This machine was operating about 1 week ago and then I had trouble starting it and then the starter spring broke and I have seen that it needs other maintenance too. I have acquired a new starter spring, spark plug, small puller, old paperback repair book and that's about it.
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Hello homegrown!

by the "ratchet plate", are you referring to the flywheel? I don't think I have ever seen that old of an Echo trimmer. I would think it would be threaded, and would require turning in the opposite direction of engine rotation to remove if it is some sort of plate. If it is a flywheel, I would think it would be held on with a nut.
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Thanks cheese, No, the starter ratchet plate is a small piece on the end of the crank opposite from the flywheel. It is in the housing where the pull cord is located. Underneath the plate are the ignition componets for a breaker-point system.
I'm awaiting a repair manual I ordered which may help. I was informed the points should be set at .018 or.019" I know about cleaning the rust off the mabnets and armature to improve conductivity.
I also am interested in converting the machine to electronic ignition. I gave the plate the starter-ratchet monikor myself because I don't have the manual telling me what it is actually called.
There are two little spring loaded ratchets on either ends of the plate that are engaged by the pull starter housing.

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