Riding Mower Problems. Please Help.


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Riding Mower Problems. Please Help.

I have a 42in. cut Craftsman riding mower. My blade will not fully disengage. I have broken one belt already. I took the deck off and cleaned it up real good. I replaced the belt and the springs but it still will not disengage. It just keeps turning slow. Can someone give me some advice, please?
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You need a brake cam kit. Go to your Sears Service Center with your model number and ask for the deck brake cam kit. They should have them in stock.
There is a roller on the right brake arm that gets worn and binds on the cam that is also worn.
The kit has instructions and is not hard to replace.

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Nah, skip Sears, they just mark up the parts. LOL.

Post the model # of the machine and I'll tell you who makes it (probably AYP or Murray). Then go to a local shop that stocks that brand of part and give them that part # you find from Sears.com--->parts.

Then you'll save a few bucks .

Roger: I use Sears as a last resort. Man, they can be HIGH on their prices!!!
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Model # for Joe F
Here is the model # on my craftsman mower. 917.271814. Thank you for your reply.


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You have an American Yard Products (AYP) made machine there. They are part of Electrolux.

Just find any small engine dealer that deals in their product and compare prices. You can pull up the part #s you need on the Sears.com website (choose parts on the left of the screen).

You might want to use the reply button so that you can keep all the information in one place .

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Also, try your local library, and the sources in my "The Basics" below.

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The model number you gave is a newer model than I had thought you had. They corrected the cam problem by the time they made your tractor. You may just need a return spring. Joe is right just go to www3.sears.com and put in your model number and check out the part you need.
I was not promoting Sears its just they would have a drawing and parts list on their computer and you could pick out what you need easyer.
Good luck on your repair.

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I know Roger .

They sure do know how to mark up stuff, wow!

Funny, I just bought a 3/8" Industrial drill of theirs off Ebay. Going by the model #, Ryobi makes it. I e-mail Ryobi to call them at a different # and get a helpful gal on the phone.

Five minutes later, manual on the way.
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Hello 98strat!

AYP makes that mower for sears. Most any small engine shop should have access to parts for it. Look at the bracket that turns on the deck and tightens the pulley against the belt when you engage the blades (part#55 on sears website). Look where it is bolted to the deck and pivots. Spray that pivot area with some PBlaster or penetrating spray and make sure it moves freely. Do the same with the pivoting points on the blade brakes (#53), and make sure the cam followers/rollers are spinning freely (#49 & 50) and make sure the return spring (#148) is intact and in place.

This diagram is found on www.sears.com/partsdirect
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Did you ever get this problem fixed?

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