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Unhappy lawn tractor

Problem with 2 year old Toro that quit moving while mowing. Runs fine, blades engage, just will not move when pedal is depressed. Pulled pin in the back to push it and the tires still lock. Is this the hydrostat unit or the break? I jacked it up and the wheels spin freely in opposite directions as they should. I don't know where the break is for the trans.
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Hey jandkurt, if you can post a model number of the Toro machine it may help with our answers. When a hydro quits and all seems well the first thing to determine is whether the hydro unit is getting input from the engine via the motion belt. It'll be the belt that runs from the engine pulley back to the transaxle. There are several basic styles of this system. The "pin" you use to roll the machine is a dump valve or bypass valve, depending on where you live, that bleeds the hydro down a bit so it will roll. Perfectly normal to get reverse action out of the axle when jacked up and rolling the wheels. You have trouble if you can hold one wheel in place and spin the other.

Without (maybe with) the Toro model number it would be hard to go in any direction with help.

Possible causes of this anomoly....

Rim/hub lock down failure....Look for stripped or missing axle key, stripped rim where the axle rides, in other words the axle/axles are spinning but the wheels are not. Hope that this is the problem! It doesn't take but one axle spinning inside the rim to cause this failure.

Hydro input via belt is not happening.....Look for loose/damaged belt, frozen idler pulley, faulty action to the idler--could be broken spring or spring that has come loose or the action of the pedal isn't getting to the hydro due to slop in the linkage.

Somehow the fluid in the hydro is low, if it hasn't been changed in a few years it could be low AND dirty.

The fan on the hydro is broken or missing causeing failure once the unit is hot.

Hydro unit has failed....beware of replacing the pump and the transaxle because they seldom fail together but many are sold together if you know what I mean.

If you want a shot at some real details, post the model of the Toro machine, the model of the axle and the pump unit.....Mike
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Hello jandkurt!

Mike has some good advice! I bet the belt jumped off like he mentioned. If not, he has the other bases covered too!
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Lawn tractor

The model # is 265 with a 42'' mower deck. These are the the numbers that I could find on the axel: 104-2465, 312-2000, 0299T5127. Hope that these help.

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