Can't budge lawn mower cord


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Can't budge lawn mower cord

Walmart Yard Machine, B&S 5.57HP engine.
I turned this lawn mower over to clean out the wet-grass gunk that was stuck to the inside of the body. I moved the blade by hand to clean under it, and the engine seemed to make some "breathing" noises a few times when I turned the blade. A few times the blade would turn in one direction but not the other.
When I righted the mower and tried to start it, the rope was locked solid--the blade would not turn at all.
What do I do now?
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Typo--should be 5.75 B&S engine.
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Move the blade one direction or the other and then pull rope and see if you can get it going. Its a possibility that the blade is stucj or when you moved the blade the pisten got stuck or something like that.
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Try removing the spark plug. While you had it tipped over, the cylinder may have filled with gas and needs to be exspunged. (flooded)
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Hello Dan!

boflaade is correct....remove the spark plug and pull the pull rope several times to blow out the oil that filled up the combustion chamber. You may need to replace the plug. Tie the plug wire out of the to the side somewhere to keep it away from the spray that will come out of the plug hole because if it is gas, and the plug wire causes its' spark, you will have a huge fireball in front of you.

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