Mower chord problem

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Mower chord problem

The pull chord of my four stroke (B&S) self propelled mower doesn't retract. When starting the mower, I have to turn the blades by hand to get the chord to wind back. It retracts easily once the mower has started.

Also the mower vibrates a bit and I was wondering whether this is because of the worn blades. Are these vibrations bad for the motor?
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I would say that your retracting problem is do to your recoil spring. But, I would mess with that spring unless you know what your doing. The spring could pop out under tension and injure you. And for the mower blade that you mentioned, take the blade off and buy a new one. Check the shaft to see if it is bent. It probably is not though. Now with this information, please wait for Moderator named Cheese. He will also give you some insight on this.
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Hello rajum!

Your pull cord problem could be because of the recoil spring, as Terminator mentioned. It could also be the starter ratchet. To find out, remove the engine shroud and rull the rope while it it off the engine. If it retracts just fine, then the problem is in the starter ratchet. If it stays out, then it is a problem with the recoil spring. Most likely it is the ratchet. To fix the problem with the ratchet, remove the screen over the flywheel (held on with 2 or 4 1/4" screws). Then pop the cover off of the ratchet (the piece in the middle of the flywheel with the square post sticking out of it). Inside you will see 6 small steel balls. Take them out and then pull the square post off the engine. Clean any rust off the end of the crankshaft, drop several drops of oil into the hole in the square post, and reassemble.

The engine can vibrate because of a worn blade if it is worn enough to be out of balance. It could also be a bent crankshaft...especially if something hard has been hit by the blade. Bad vibration is bad for the engine, because it wears out the bushing in the bottom of the engine. Eventually oil will begin to leak out the bottom seal once the bushing wears enough if the problem is not fixed.

Hope this helps!

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